Hello Emmanuel!

At Differently Enabled we believe when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you do good.

We’re excited you are part of our journey to make fashion inclusive for everyone.

Here’s Greg with whom you collaborated on this design. This jacket is an expression of you!


Your jacket is 100% cotton lined with 100% polyester that was repurposed from industry excess. By using excess industry fabrics, our garments are less harmful to the environment than traditional manufacturing techniques.

To care for it, we recommend dry clean only.

Hi, I’m Ivor I made your clothes


It was sewn in London, England by Ivor at The Seam. I have personally visited this factory, and to the best of my knowledge I believe that this is a healthy workplace. Healthy working conditions have a significant impact on morale and productivity and protect the well-being of employees.

By wearing this garment you have bragging rights that you are supporting sustainable fashion and good labor practices.

Let’s continue to collaborate.

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Onward and Upward!


Craig Crawford

Differently Enabled
Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.