The Scarf

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SKU: A-0002

Our genderless crinkle bark scarf is a generous two metres long by one half metre wide. Roll it up around your neck, or wrap it across your shoulders. Travels well.


One size: 2 metres long x 1/2 metre wide


100% Tencel viscose


Hand wash and air-dry to reduce energy consumption and increase the longevity of the garment. No time to hand wash? It can be machine washed cold with like-minded colours on an ECO cycle and air-dried.

The Can You See Collection

What do you see when you see someone who is blind? Can you see what you see? What do you see when you see someone living with disability? Can you see beyond what you see? Start the conversation and be part of the on-going movement by asking everyone Can You See? 10% of the proceeds for product customised with these prints will be donated to The Crystal Vision Foundation.

The Scarf

The Scarf is 100% Tencel Luxury Bark Crinkle Crepe that was created using methods less harmful to the environment than traditional manufacturing techniques.

While silky in feel, Tencel viscose is actually made from wood cellulose grown in sustainable forests. No silk worms died in the production of this making it vegan. Additionally no plastics were used. While Tencel is made from wood, it doesn’t grow on trees!

Can You See
Dark Blue & Mid Blue

Can You See
White & Yellow

Can You See
Black & White

Can You See
Purple & Yellow

Can You See

Can You See

Can You See

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