Differently Enabled Feature on BBC News World Service Show, ‘Fashion Without Barriers’

Founder Craig Crawford takes a selfie of team members Lyndsey Diamond (print designer), Brian Elliott (customer care), Jessica Goodyear (3D Digital Twin Engineer), and Brand Champion Sam Goodyear.

We were thrilled to be part of the BBC People Fixing The World series, with the ‘Fashion without barriers’ episode which aired today June 4th at 8:06 BST.

In May, the BBC solutions journalist Claire Bowes spent a day with Craig and the Differently Enabled team as we tested body measurement technologies and co-designed garments with some of our Brand Champions at the gorgeous accessible event space at The Riverstone Fulham

Our founder Craig Crawford discussed his personal story with Claire; what drove him to create Differently Enabled and our continuing mission to make fashion more accessible. Craig highlighted the lack of relationship so many people have with fashion is in part due to the fashion industry ignoring the needs of those with disabilities.

“Fashion’s not frivolous, it’s really important and everyone should have the opportunity to embrace fashion.” – Craig Crawford

We believe everyone should be given the opportunity to embrace fashion. Differently Enabled help clients choose how they would like their clothes to fit. Leveraging technology advancements helps us optimise the design processing speed whilst achieving the best possible clothing fit and accuracy for clients.

“Some of our clients want to look more symmetrical, others want to celebrate their asymmetry, and it’s up to them isn’t it?” – Craig Crawford

Differently Enabled is working with multiple partners to trial a range of scanners. These scanners are designed for customers to use at home, enabling the creation of accurate avatars through a series of photos.

You can listen in (time stamp 15:02 onwards) as the team collaborated to bring A.J. Clement’s pirate shirt to life. We utilised one of the trialled scanners with body measurement technologies. Although further refinement is required to achieve greater accuracy, Differently Enabled aims to eventually offer this service to a broader audience, allowing anyone to benefit from this bleeding edge technology.

When you feel like you look good, you are more confident. With that confidence, you do your best. Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

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