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Our Purpose:

One Billion people live with some form of restricted mobility in the world today. Differently Enabled exists to help people look good, feel good and do good. 

Our Mission:

We are a laboratory of designers, engineers, technicians and data scientists, who create customised products and services just for you. 

Our Story:

Founded after his post Covid-19 intensive care experience by Craig Crawford, DE Champions looking good and feeling better.

Following his discharge from the ICU, Crawford was encouraged by his occupational therapist to switch from the hospital gowns to his own clothes for a speedier recovery.

Craig arranged for his favourite clothes to be brought to the hospital the next day. 10 hours later, Crawford was sitting in a puddle of his own urine, having not had the strength or dexterity to untie his drawstring waist or pull down his waistband in time to reach the bathroom. This was his first humiliating clothing experience, but not his last. There was a large gap between who he thought he was and who he was now, thanks to a global pandemic and killer virus. A 30-year veteran of the luxury fashion and technology industry – he knew there had to be another way. DE is that way.

Craig Crawford
Craig Crawford

Our humble beginnings…

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We Believe:

When You Look Good, You Feel Good. When You Feel Good, You Do Good.

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Join Our Journey:

Imagine beyond the status quo, be with us on our journey of compassion & collaboration. Join our Wait List to collaborate with us on your own bespoke items of clothing or become a Brand Champion and amplify our message and mission.